Meet Team Eastview. We’re a good bunch, each with his or her own ways, but we all share the same core values of Eastview.

We’re passionate, committed, and feisty.

Most of all we believe and celebrate our cause . In true Eastview spirit, our full-time office staff is spread across Northampton and Oxford. The rest of the team is located in different parts of the UK. All our staff help bring EASTVIEW to life by always contributing their best effort and ideas in everyjthing they do!


Co- founder and Director

Norah is one of the Co-founders and a Director of Eastview Healthcare Services Ltd. She is an award winning professional with over sixteen years of experience in the health and social care sector which spans over two continents.Norah has worked for a number of major healthcare providers at management level including Southern Cross Healthcare,Barchester Healthcare and Four Seasons Healthcare. Norah is committed to delivering the highest standards of quality service whilst remaining focused on ensuring compliance with the regulatory framework. She utilises excellent interpersonal and communication skills to build positive relationships with key stakeholders.Norah enjoys being part of, as well as leading, a successful multi-disciplinary team and thrives in highly pressurised and challenging working environments.

Co-founder and Director

Albert is one of the Co-founders and a Director of Eastview Healthcare Services Ltd He holds a computing degree and was a healthcare professional prior to this having worked for major healthcare providers including Partnerships In Care (PIC) and Midshires Healthcare for a number of years. Albert 's computing background was highly utilized in setting up the Computer systems that are used within Eastview Healthcare and is still instrumental in maintaining, updating and building a robust computer framework that will keep Eastview ahead of the pack. Albert enjoys being part of a team and loves coding and learning new coding frameworks and enjoys the day to day challenges that come with running Eastview.